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Shoulder pain often includes stiffness or immobility, making staying active and performing daily tasks very difficult. At Ashford Orthopedic Specialists in Athens and Loganville, Georgia, orthopedic surgeon, and sports medicine specialist William Ashford, MD, diagnoses and treats common causes of shoulder pain, including rotator cuff tears and dislocations. To find out more about shoulder pain and the surgical and non-surgical treatments available, call Ashford Orthopedic Specialists or book an appointment online today.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What are some common causes of shoulder pain?

Your shoulders, the joints attaching your arms to your torso, are prone to injuries and degenerative damage. If you’re an athlete or have a physically demanding job that requires, using your shoulders for throwing, lifting, and other movements, shoulder degeneration, and chronic injuries are common. Injuries can also occur suddenly; these are called acute injuries.

At Ashford Orthopedic Specialists, Dr. Ashford specializes in diagnosing and treating many of the most common causes of shoulder pain. They include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Rotator cuff tendon tears
  • Cartilage tears
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Pinched nerves
  • Bone spurs
  • Bone fractures

From the time you arrive at Ashford Orthopedic Specialists, Dr. Ashford will answer your questions and address your needs relating to your diagnosis and treatment. He will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and an individualized care plan. 

How is shoulder pain diagnosed?

The first step in diagnosing your shoulder pain is a history and physical examination. Dr. Ashford asks for details regarding symptoms, including pain, numbness, tingling, and stiffness. He might ask you to perform specific movements to assess your shoulder mobility. You should bring any information about your medical or surgical history with you to your appointment if it is relevant to your shoulder pain.

After the physical exam, Dr. Ashford may recommend diagnostic procedures like X-ray imaging or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These procedures allow him to view the inner structures of your shoulder without incisions. 

Shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgery, may also help find a conclusive diagnosis for your shoulder pain. The procedure involves one or more tiny incisions or poke holes in your shoulder, and a slim camera that fits into them called an arthroscope. Using a nearby monitor, Dr. Ashford can see the inside of your shoulder. The diagnosis can then be made and treatment performed at that time.

What are my treatment options for shoulder pain?

In many cases, patients are told to deal with their shoulder pain. They feel

that they haven’t been heard by their doctor. At Ashford Orthopedic Specialists, this isn’t the case. In a way that is consistent with your goals and priorities, Dr. Ashford offers surgical and non-surgical treatments to relieve your shoulder pain, improve your shoulder mobility, and make necessary repairs.

Your individualized shoulder pain treatment plan might involve:

Home care

The care that you provide for your shoulder at home can make a big difference for your recovery. Dr. Ashford might recommend icing your shoulder, resting your shoulder, or taking over-the-counter medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications. 

Non-surgical treatments

Non-surgical treatments for shoulder pain include physical therapy, occupational therapy, trigger point injections, and corticosteroid injections.


In some cases, surgery is necessary to repair damage within your shoulder. Dr. Ashford often takes a minimally invasive approach using shoulder arthroscopy. He also performs traditional open shoulder surgeries such as total shoulder arthroplasty.

To find out if your shoulder pain needs surgical or non-surgical treatment, call Ashford Orthopedic Specialists or book an appointment online today.

We offer services such as shoulder replacement, shoulder surgery, and shoulder arthroscopy. Call us to book your appointment today.

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