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I Tore my ACL...Now What?!

ACL Tears are fairly common in the athletic population. The bad news about them is that they often require surgery and the rehab usually takes many months. The GOOD news is that most patients do well and are able to go back to their sports and activities.
Dec 16th, 2020

Ice Machine after Surgery

Ice machine use after shoulder and knee surgery can be incredibly effective in reducing post-surgical pain
Mar 26th, 2023

Rotator Cuff Repair vs. Shoulder Replacement

Your shoulder has been hurting for a long time, and you know you are likely going to need surgery. You have heard of rotator cuff repair and shoulder replacement surge, but which is best for you? This post gives a quick overview of each.
Dec 22nd, 2021

Should I Get an MRI Of My Knee?

This question comes up all the time. Of course, the decision about whether or not to obtain an MRI is always between patients and their doctors, and this is a complex question to answer in a short post. But here is the 30,000ft view of the topic.
Jan 12th, 2021

Trigger Finger

Clicking of the finger and pain in the palm can be very annoying. Don't resign yourself to living with it!
Oct 18th, 2020


Steroid injections don't just cover up the symptoms. They actually can be an important part of your road to recovery. Here's how...
Sep 17th, 2020


Be cautions of the desire to squeeze out that last few reps even though something doesn't feel right, or the urge to finish the game when you know something is wrong.
Sep 17th, 2020