William Ashford, MD

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist located in Epps Bridge, Athens, GA & Loganville, GA


About Dr. Ashford

William Ashford, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist at Ashford Orthopedic Specialists in Athens and Loganville, Georgia. He applies his medical expertise and surgical experience to treat musculoskeletal injuries that hinder otherwise physically active individuals.

Dr. Ashford completed his medical training at Georgetown University and was trained in orthopedic surgery by some of the most respected surgeons in the Southeast. After completing residency, he pursued specialized training in sports medicine at Emory University. He worked closely with internationally renowned surgeons in knee, shoulder, and foot/ankle surgery. He has treated NFL and NBA athletes, and now he brings his expertise to Athens, Georgia!

In addition to his reputation as an excellent clinician and surgeon, Dr. Ashford understands that his patients have a right to be treated with respect. His goal is to treat every patient as if they were his own family and work with them to get them back to the things that are important to them. Whether you are trying to go back to playing professional football or just trying to get a good night’s rest without pain, Dr. Ashford will listen to you and come up with a plan that fits your needs.

Accepted Insurances

For your convenience, Ashford Orthopedic Specialists accepts most major insurance plans. Click on “View full list of companies” to see a list of commonly accepted insurances. This list is not entirely inclusive of all the plans we accept. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact the office .

Evolutions Healthcare Systems
First Health
Three Rivers
UHC Medicare
Wellcare Medicare